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18 of the best book quotes about failing
“Men who succeed reach decisions promptly, and change them, if at all, very slowly. Men who fail, reach decisions, if at all, very slowly, and change them frequently, and quickly.”
“Failing to prevent Earth’s salvation is your only triumph”
“You tried to help the people of the market. You mostly failed. This is life. The longer you live, the more you fail. Failure is the mark of a life well lived.
“But my hope was that when I failed, if I failed, I’d fail quickly, so I’d have enough time, enough years, to implement all the hard-won lessons. I wasn’t much for setting goals, but this goal kept flashing through my mind every day, until it became my internal chant: Fail fast.”
“The difficulties of life do not have to be unbearable. It is the way we look at them - through faith or unbelief - that makes them seem so. We must be convinced that our Father is full of love for us and that He only permits trials to come our way for our own good.”
“My mom says it’s time for me to give up now, and that what I’m doing is futile.”
“Tears were coursing down the faces of Kennedy’s moonstruck recruits. John Kennedy had inspired us with his vision. One by one, we left work to grieve in private. The flag was at half-staff in our hearts.”
“I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered, but now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that doesn’t matter.”
“People need to be wrong as fast as they can.”
“I’ve done my best, and I begin to understand what is meant by ‘the joy of strife’. Next to trying and winning, the best thing is trying and failing.”
“You can learn, but you’ve got to give yourself time to pick up the basics, to practice, and maybe even to fail once or twice.”
“As the saying goes, ‘God uses people who fail—‘cause there aren’t any other kind around.‘”
“Ninety percent of all those who fail are not actually defeated. They simply quit.”
“You will never get to the point that you no longer make mistakes, that you no longer fail. But that’s okay.”
“Next time, we fail better.”
“If you aim to be something you are not, you will always fail. Aim to be you. Aim to look and act and think like you. Aim to be the truest version of you. Embrace that you-ness. Endorse it. Love it. Work hard at it. And don’t give a second thought when people mock it or ridicule it.”
″...children take everything seriously and do not recognize impossibility, they can fail ten times in an attempt to knock something over and still be convinced that the next try will succeed.”
“Never feel shame for trying and failing, for he who has never failed is he who has never tried.”
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