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11 of the best book quotes about far away
“The valley down there was nice to look at, but he wasn’t so sure he wanted to live there. It was so far away.”
‘In a house far away, right at the end of a long dusty road deep in the bush at the back of Palm Beach, lived three sisters with their mother, their father, and sometimes their Uncle Paul. The three sisters were called Elizabeth, Frances and Matilda.’
“From far away she thought she heard her mother calling...but it wasn’t her.”
“Once again, from far away she thought she heard her mother calling. But she knew it couldn’t be...could it?”
The dog licked the crumbs that had fallen onto the ground. “You’re not from here, are you?” “No,” said the dog, “I’m not from here.” “Where do you come from, then?” “From far away,” said the dog. “Are you lost?” The dog thought carefully. There was probably a lot more cake back where she came from. And there were probably all the other tasty things he had dreamed of in windy barns on his travels: crispy chicken skin, bread with liver pâté, cream pudding and milk rice.
“Once upon a bicycle, So they say, A Jolly Postman came one day From over the hills And far away...”
“The wind, coming to the city from far away, bring it unusual gifts, notice by only a few sensitive souls, such as hay-fever victims, who sneeze at the pollen from flowers of other lands.”
“In a busy little town, not very far away, there is a church, and in the church there lived a mouse whose name was Arthur. “
“At School Five little Girls, sitting on a form, Five little Girls, with lessons to learn, Five little Girls, who, I’m afraid, Won’t know them a bit when they have to be said. For little eyes are given to look Anywhere else than on their book; And little thoughts are given to stray Anywhere-ever so far away.”
″‘I heard your music,’ said Roland. ‘Why were you playing so far away from people?’ ‘I was near you. Are you not people?’
“It’s like looking through the wrong end of a telescope and seeing things which you could easily touch with your hand, looking tiny and far away.”
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