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11 of the best book quotes about bicycles
“You know what they say: A woman needs a man about as much as a fish needs a bicycle.”
“Duffy saw some bicycles. ‘Help!’ Duffy shouted. ‘I must catch up with the runaway train!‘”
“Once upon a bicycle, So they say, A Jolly Postman came one day From over the hills And far away...”
“Once more on his bicycle The Postman rode To a beautiful palace, so we’ve been told, Where nightingales sang And a sign said ‘SOLD’, With a letter for...Cinderella. (There’s a surprise!)”
“So Cinders read her little book, The Postman drank champagne Then wobbled off On his round again (and again and again – Oops!)”
Together, they flee by bicycle, because all the neighbours have already left. They meet chaos on the roads. Uli collapses with his bicycle and is run over by a car and killed. Janna-Berta, in shock, is taken to the station in Bad Hersfeld.
Everything changes for Chris one August evening when red-haired, freckle-faced Johnny turns up on a bicycle, but who is Johnny and why do the police have his bicycle and other belongings?
“There was a funny sort of humming noise, and the carpet rolled itself up and turned into a bicycle. Mr Majeika leant cheerily against the handlebars and rang the bicycle bell. ‘NIce bike, isn’t it?’ he said, smiling at Mr Potter.”
Becky longs for a bicycle and Fanso longs to find his father who walked out thirteen years ago.
“It is literally true that this cook had a bicycle in the basement corridor, which she used to ride along the corridor, when she had to answer the bell.”
“Lotta decides to act on her own. But that’s when she discovers that not all bicycles, stolen or otherwise, are equally easy to ride!”
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