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    “I had been too good too many times. It could become a problem. But what could I do? Be stupid for a while? I wasn’t sure I knew how, even after so many years of careful observation.”
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    “There is not always a good guy. Nor is there always a bad one. Most people are somewhere in between.”
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    “Men of few words are the best men.”
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    ” Each human being shall have all of these in him, and they will constitute his nature. In some, there will be high and fine characteristics which will submerge the evil ones, and those will be called good men; in others the evil characteristics will have dominion, and those will be called bad men.”
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    “My daddy is a good preacher and a nice man, but sometimes it’s hard for me to think about him as my daddy, because he spends so much time preaching or thinking about preaching or getting ready to preach. And so, in my mind, I think of him as ‘the preacher.‘”
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    “Then Patterwig came back with the nut and Caspian ate it and after that Patterwig asked if he could take any messages to other friends.”
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    “Guys are great before you know who they are. They’re great when you’re still with who they might be.”
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    “Now you whimpering little smear of slime, I’m going to ask you politely just one more time...where is he?”
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    “How can two people hate so much without knowing each other?”
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    “There were these two guys in a lunatic asylum...”
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    “I’ve been thinking lately. About you and me. About what’s going to happen to us, in the end. We’re going to kill each other, aren’t we? Perhaps you’ll kill me. Perhaps I’ll kill you. Perhaps sooner. Perhaps later.”
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    “Because I’m doing this one by the book ... and because I don’t want to.”
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    “We don’t have to kill each other. What do you say?
    No. I’m sorry , but ... no it’s too late for that. Far too late.”
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    “Because I’ve heard it before ... and it wasn’t funny the first time.”

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