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“Seagulls, as you know, never falter, never stall. To stall in the air is for them disgrace and it is dishonor. But Jonathan Livingston Seagull, unashamed, stretching his wings again in that trembling hard curve–slowing, slowing, and stalling once more–was no ordinary bird.”
“Mom frowned at me. ‘You’d be destroying what makes it special’ she said, ‘It’s the Joshua tree’s struggle that gives it its beauty’.”
“Amy made me believe I was exceptional, that I was up to her level of play. That was both our making and undoing. Because I couldn’t handle the demands of greatness. I began craving ease and average-ness, and I hated myself for it, and ultimately, I realized, I punished her for it. I turned her into the brittle, prickly thing she became.”
“I’m never overwhelmed or under it either; just nicely whelmed. I’m OK. Nothing spectacular but sometimes special.”
“You have to know who you are. God breathed His life into you. You have royalty in your blood. You are excellent in every way. Now, put your shoulders back, hold our head up high, and start carrying yourself as royalty. You are not average. You are not ordinary. You are a masterpiece.”
“She’s something special, you see. Not in the matter of looks, of course. One of my own day-old chicks is handsomer than Mary P. ever was.”
“Someday you’ll find someone special again. People who’ve been in love once usually do. It’s in their nature.”
You are not special. You’re not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else. We’re all part of the same compost heap.
“All of us who have all our faculties intact are just plain blessed. Melody is able to figure out things, communicate, and manage in a world where nothing works right for her. She’s the one with the true intelligence!”
Everybody is special.
“‘He was a wonderful man. And when a man is that special, you know it sooner than you think possible. You recognize it instinctively, and you’re certain that no matter what happens, there will never be another one like him.’”
“After a few stuttering replies, the spotlight would swivel back to Lydia, and Nath would retreat to his room and his aeronautics magazines.”
“‘You’re not first,’ Peter says. ‘But you’re the most special to me, because you’re the girl I love, Lara Jean.’”
“I am nothing special; of this I am sure. I am a common man with common thoughts and I’ve led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but I’ve loved another with all my heart and soul, and to me, this has always been enough.”
“If we think we are something special or not special enough, then fear, nervousness, stress, and anxiety arise.”
“I am to believe I am special, and how many other girls Brody has taken on similar lunches.”
″ ‘I only had it on special occasions at home. Marmalade’s very expensive in Darkest Peru.’ ‘Then you shall have it every morning starting tomorrow,’ continued Mrs. Brown. ‘And honey on Sunday.’ ”
“So whenever you doubt just how special you are and you wonder who loves you, how much and how far, listen for the geese honking high in the sky. ”
“For never before in story or rhyme (not even once upon a time) has the world ever known a you, my friend, and it never will, nor ever again.”
“If the moon stat up until morning one day, or a ladybug lands and decides to stay, or a little bird sits at your window awhile, it’s because they’re all hoping to see you smile.”
What is it that makes Australian YA so special – hilariously funny and sad at the same time – but just so wonderful and capturing? It’s not that I’ve read heaps of Australian books, but the tendency can’t be denied.
“It sailed through the farmland high on a breeze...over the ocean... and through the trees..until everyone hear and everyone knew of the one and only ever you.”
“He has something called VOOM. Voom is so hard to get, you never saw anything like it, I bet. Why, Voom cleans up anything clean as can be! Take your hat off now, Little Cat Z! Take the Voom off your head! Make it clean up the snow! Hurry you little Cat!”
“Well, dear Marie, since you seem so fond of friend Nutcracker, he shall be entrusted to your special care, though, as I’ve already told you, Louise and Fritz have as much right to make use of him as you.”
“They tasted just like... well, they tasted exactly, exactly like ... like Scrambled eggs Super-Dee-Dooper-dee-Booper, Special de luxe a-la-Peter T. Hooper.”
“I got word of a bird that does something that’s almost unheard of! It’s hard to believe but this bird called the Pelf lays eggs that are three times as big as herself! How that Pelf ever learned such a difficult trick I never found out. But I found that egg quick. And I managed to get it down out of the nest and home to the kitchen along with the rest.”
“I don’t care. You can keep your small dogs. You can keep all your black, white, brown, and spotted dogs.”
“That night, when all the animals were tucked in bed, Bramwell thought about the day’s adventures and looked at the others. Rabbit was dreaming exciting dreams about bouncing as high as an airplane. Duck was dreaming that he could really fly and was rescuing bears from all sorts of high places. Little Bear was dreaming of all the interesting things he had seen in the attic, and Old Bear was dreaming about the good times he would have now that he was back with his friends. ‘I knew it was going to be a special day,’ said Bramwell Brown to himself...”
″‘Nine on Thursdee,’ he remarked. ‘Your birthday’s in five days’ time.′ Willie didn’t understand what was so particularly special about that.”
“She could fail to notice so much, and even when I pointed something out to her, she’d still not see what was special or interesting about it.”
“If they can sell ten thousand boxes of chocolates in other years, why not twenty thousand this year? And these are special chocolates, Archie. High profit. A special deal.”
“But Mr. Dalton has a soft spot for Steve, because he’s special. Sometimes he’s brilliant in class and gets everything right, while other times he can’t even spell his own name. Mr. Dalton says he’s somewhat of an idiot savant, which mean he’s a stupid genius!”
“But this is very special chewing gum, if you keep on chewing it long enough it will turn green, and then if you plant it, it will grow more chewing gum, and the sooner you start chewing the sooner you’ll have more.”
“You know the best thing about aeroplanes? Apart from the peanuts in the little silver bags, I mean. It’s looking out of the windows at the clouds, and thinking, maybe I could go walking in there. Maybe it’s a special place where everything’s okay. Sometimes I do go walking in the clouds, but it’s just cold and wet and empty. But when you look out of a plane it’s a special world... and I like that.”

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