M. L. Rio Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes from M. L. Rio
“We were always surrounded by books and words and poetry, all the fierce passion of the world bound in leather and vellum.”
“How could we explain that standing on a stage and speaking someone else’s words as if they are your own is less an act of bravery than a desperate lunge at mutual understanding? An attempt to forge that tenuous link between speaker and listener and communicate something, anything, of substance.”
“Actors were like oysters, she explained when anyone wanted justification for this emotional brutality. You had to crack their shells open to find the precious pearls inside.”
“The thing about Shakespeare is, he’s so eloquent…He speaks the unspeakable. He turns grief and triumph and rapture and rage into words, into something we can understand. He renders the whole mystery of humanity comprehensible.”
“But maybe every day we let grief in, we’ll also let a little bit of it out, and eventually we’ll be able to breathe again.”
“James was everything I desperately wanted to be and never could: talented, intelligent, worldly.”
“For you it was just one day, then business as usual. For us it was one day, and every single day that came after.”
“But we didn’t really shatter until we were all back together again.”
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