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20 of the best book quotes about swords
“It is said that the warrior’s way is the twofold Way of pen and sword, and he should have a taste for both Ways.”
“It is not difficult to wield a sword in one hand; the Way to learn this is to train with two long swords, one in each hand. It will seem difficult at first, but everything is difficult at first.”
“Whoso pulleth Out This Sword of This Stone and Anvil, is Rightwise King Born of All England.”
“Thy tongue Is sharper than a sword’s edge, yet thy speech Will bring thee more defeats than victories.”
“Go to; have your lath glued within your sheath Till you know better how to handle it.”
“He swung the ancient sword high and struck at the giant adder. He struck for Redwall!”
“No doubt your sword is indeed a beautiful thing. It is a tribute to whoever forged it in bygone ages. There are very few such swords as this one left in the world, but remember, it is only a sword, Matthias.”
“This sword is made for only one purpose, to kill. It will only be as good or evil as the one who wields it. I know that you intend to use it only for the good of your Abbey, Matthias; do so, but never allow yourself to be tempted into using it in a careless or idle way.”
“Martin the Warrior used the sword only for right and good. This is why it has become a symbol of power to Redwall. Knowledge is gained through wisdom, my friend. Use the sword wisely.”
″ ‘Ah!’ says he, falling again to smiling, ‘I got my wastefulness from the same man I got the buttons from; and that was my poor father, Duncan Stewart, grace be to him! He was the prettiest man of his kindred; and the best swordsman in the Hielands, David, and that is the same as to say, in all the world, I should ken, for it was him that taught me. He was in the Black Watch, when first it was mustered; and, like other gentlemen privates, had a gillie at his back to carry his firelock for him on the march. Well, the King, it appears, was wishful to see Hieland swordsmanship; and my father and three more were chosen out and sent to London town, to let him see it at the best.’ ”
″ ‘The ruby has fallen out of his sword, his eyes are gone, and he is golden no longer,’ said the Mayor in fact, ‘he is little better than a beggar.’ ”
“If I’d lost the sword, we should never have found you again.”
″‘My brother Kay must have a sword,’ he thought, as he rode slowly back. ‘It will be a shame and a matter for unkind jests if so young a knight comes to the jousts without a sword. But where can I find him one? I know! I saw one sticking in an anvil in the churchyard, I’ll fetch that: it’s doing no good there!‘”
“Murray lowered his hand and place it on the silver pommel of his sword. ‘I am charging you with piracy on the high seas. You will be tried in London. When you are found guilty you will be hanged at Execution Dock, and I doubt if even your government will raise any objection.‘”
″‘I am the Lady of the Lake,’ she said, ‘and I am come to tell you that your sword Excalibur awaits you yonder.‘”
“And Arthur, more and more bewildered, put his hand to the hilt and drew forth the sword as if out of a well-greased scabbard.”
“Temper a sword-edge to its very sharpest, And you will find it soon grows dull.”
“As he went back toward the house, Jody knew one thing more sharply than he had ever known anything. He must never tell anyone about the rapier. It would be a dreadful thing to tell anyone about it, for it would destroy some fragile structure of truth. It was a truth that might be shattered by division.”
“We raised our swords against each other because neither of us had the courage to raise one against him.”
″‘Symbols have power, Prince,’ Aedion said, pinning him with a stare. Celaena’s stare—unyielding and alive with challenge. ‘You’d be surprised by the power this still wields in the North—what it does to convince people not to pursue foolhardy plans.‘”
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