The Once and Future King Quotes

20 of the best book quotes from The Once and Future King
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    “Whoso pulleth Out This Sword of This Stone and Anvil, is Rightwise King Born of All England.”
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    ″‘Plenty of people have told me you are not my father,’ said the Wart, ‘but it does not matter a bit.‘”
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    “Oh, dear, oh, dear, I wish I had never seen that filthy sword at all.”
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    “But inside himself he was proud of the Wart for staying out after a hawk, and prouder still to see that he had got it.”
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    “Power is of the individual mind, but the mind’s power is not enough. Power of the body decides everything in the end, and only Might is Right.”
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    “Why can’t you harness Might so that it works for Right?… The Might is there, in the bad half of people, and you can’t neglect it.”
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    “I ought to have thought of the people who had no armour.”
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    “There is one fairly good reason for fighting—and that is, if the other man starts it. You see, wars are a wickedness, perhaps the greatest wickedness of a wicked species. They are so wicked that they must not be allowed.”
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    “There is a thing about Time and Space which the philosopher Einstein is going to find out. Some people call it Destiny.”
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    “Education is experience, and the essence of experience is self-reliance.”
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    ″‘Tell you!’ he exclaimed. ‘And what is going to happen when there is nobody to tell you? Are you never going to think for yourself?‘”
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    “All the world loves a lover.”

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  1. #13
    “Only fools want to be great.”
  2. #14
    “Arthur was happy. Like the man in Eden before the fall, he was enjoying his innocence and fortune.”
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    “The fate of this man or that man was less than a drop, although it was a sparkling one, in the great blue motion of the sunlit sea.”
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    “You think education is something to be done when all else fails?”
  5. #17
    “We have had a good time while we were young, but it is in the nature of Time to fly.”
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    ″‘The best thing for being sad,’ replied Merlyn, beginning to puff and blow, ‘is to learn something. That is the only thing that never fails.‘”
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    “I was never your father nor of your blood, but I wote well ye are of an higher blood than I wend ye were.”
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    ″...but it seems, in tragedy, that innocence is not enough.”
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