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    “Deep down here by the dark water lived old Gollum, a small slimy creature. I don’t know where he came from, nor who or what he was. He was Gollum.”
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    “It experienced a vague but menacing apprehension that subdued it and made it slink along at the man’s heels. ”
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    “He was quick and alert in the things of life, but only in the things, and not in the significances. ”
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    “He spoke to the dog ... but in his voice was a strange note of fear that frightened the animal. ”
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    “A certain fear of death, dull and oppressive, came to him. ”
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    “The Witch was so stunned that she nearly lost her grip on the branch. The last thing she ever cared for was gossip. Yet she had been out of touch for so long that she was astonished at the vigorous opinions of these random nobodies.”
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    “But surely the curse was on the land of Oz, not on her.”
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    “She sat down, wary, tired, astonished at the wealth of her own feeling for. She was full of need. But, she reminded herself, you’re a grown woman.”
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    ″ But he kept this knowledge of his fear thrust firmly down in him; his courage to live depended upon how successfully his fear was hidden from his consciousness. ”
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    “He stood with her body in his arms in the silent room and cold facts battered him like waves sweeping in from the sea: she was dead; she was white; she was a woman; he had killed her; he was black; he might be caught; he did not want to be caught; if he were they would kill him. ”
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    “The thing to do was to act just like others acted, live like they lived, and while they were not looking, do what you wanted. ”
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    “She found herself looking at Lane as if he were a stranger, or a poster advertising a brand of linoleum, across the aisle of a subway car. Again she felt the trickle of disloyalty and guilt, which seemed to be the order of the day, and reacted to it by reaching over to cover Lane’s hand with her own. She withdrew her hand almost immediately and used it to pick her cigarette out of the ashtray. ”
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    “He tried to empty his face of all expression that might quite simply, perhaps even beautifully, reveal how he felt about the arriving person.”
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    ″ Franny literally jumped ... ‘What book?’ she said. ‘This, you mean?’
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    “Only a man of Colonel Sartoris’ generation and thought could have invented it, and only a woman could have believed it.”
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    “From that time on her front door remained closed, save for a period of six or seven years, when she was about forty, during which she gave lessons in china-painting.”
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    “Bigger felt that he was sitting and holding his life helplessly in his hands, waiting for Max to tell him what to do with it; and it made him hate himself. An organic wish to cease to be, to stop living, seized him. Either he was too weak, or the world was too strong; he did not know which. Over and over he had tried to create a world to live in and over and over he had failed. Now once again he was waiting for someone to tell him something; once more, he was poised on the verge of action and commitment.”
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    “Although he could not put it into words, he knew not only had they resolved to put him to death, but they were determined to make his death mean more than a mere punishment; that they regarded him as a figment of that black world which they feared and were anxious to keep under control.”
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    “The lottery was conducted – as were the square dances, the teen club, the Halloween program – by Mr. Summers, who had time and energy to devote to civic activities.”
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    ″ So much of the ritual had been forgotten or discarded. ”

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    “Someone gave little Davy Hutchinson a few pebbles.”
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    “Bill Hutchinson was standing quiet, staring down at the paper in his hand.‘”
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    “Although Mr. Summers and everyone else in the village knew the answer perfectly well, it was the business of the official of the lottery to ask such questions formally.”
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    “No one liked to upset even as much tradition as was represented by the black box. ”
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    “Mrs. Delacroix selected a stone so large she had to pick it up with both hands and turned to Mrs. Dunbar. ‘Come on,’ she said. ‘Hurry up.‘”
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    “Now, we must have badly painted the character of our adventure seeker, or our readers must have already perceived that D’Artagnan was not an ordinary man; therefore, while repeating to himself that his death was inevitable, he did not make up his mind to die quietly, as one less courageous and less restrained might have done in his place.”
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    “Great criminals bear about them a kind of predestination which makes them surmount all obstacles, which makes them escape all dangers, till the moment which a wearied Providence has marked as the rock for their impious fortunes.”
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    “Bravery is always respected, even in an enemy.”
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    “The people had done it so many times that they only half listened to the directions; most of them were quiet, wetting their lips, not looking around.”
  10. #30
    ″ If dying was required, he intended to die as Roland ... crawling toward the Tower. ”
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    “And goodnight to the old lady whispering ‘hush’”
  2. #32
    “In the great green room
    There was a telephone
    And a red balloon”
  3. #33
    You know how they say you only hurt the ones you love? Well, it works both ways.
  4. #34
    If I could wake up in a different place, at a different time, could I wake up as a different person?
  5. #35
    “Goodnight stars
    Goodnight air
    Goodnight noises everywhere”
  6. #36
    At the time, my life just seemed too complete, and maybe we have to break everything to make something better out of ourselves.
  7. #37
    On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.
    Chuck Palahniuk
    Fight Club
  8. #38
    The things you used to own, now they own you.
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    If you could be either God’s worst enemy or nothing, which would you choose?
  10. #40
    “Goodnight room
    Goodnight moon”

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  1. #41
    “A picture of- the cow jumping over the moon
    And there were three little bears sitting on chairs”
  2. #42
    “During this act of friendship, the two young men exchanged looks of intelligence, which caused Duncan to forget the character and condition of his wild associate.”
  3. #43
    “It was a feature peculiar to the colonial wars of North America, that the toils and dangers of the wilderness were to be encountered before the adverse hosts could meet.”
  4. #44
    “He felt a hollow space between himself and the person he was supposed to be. ”
  5. #45
    “Not so, however, with the besieged. Animated by the words, and stimulated by the examples of their leaders, they had found their courage, and maintained their ancient reputation, with a zeal that did justice to the stern character of their commander.”
  6. #46
    “The manner of the scout was seriously impressive, though no longer distinguished by any signs of unmanly apprehension. It was evident that his momentary weakness had vanished with the explanation of a mystery which his own experience had not served to fathom...”
  7. #47
    “For as long as she’s been alive, the family has never spoken of it, and even if they had, it would have changed nothing.”
  8. #48
    “This little man, five-foot-nine at most and not even American, was going to teach them about cowboys?”
  9. #49
    “After a few stuttering replies, the spotlight would swivel back to Lydia, and Nath would retreat to his room and his aeronautics magazines.”
  10. #50
    ″ The confident young man in his imagination dwindled to a nervous little boy. ”
  1. #51
    “Coming to her made him feel perfectly welcomed, perfectly at home, as he had never in his life felt before.”
  2. #52
    “When Nath had been born, then Lydia, Marilyn had not informed her mother, had not even sent a photograph. What was there to say? She and James had never discussed what her mother had said about their marriage that last day: it’s not right. She had not ever wanted to think of it again. So when James came home that night, she said simply, “My mother died.” Then she turned back to the stove and added, “And the lawn needs mowing,” and he understood: they would not talk about it.”
  3. #53
    ″ Lydia’s quietness, her lack of friends. Her recent sinking grades. And, in truth, the strangeness of her family. A family with no friends, a family of misfits.”
  4. #54
    ″ He expected her to feel what she did not know how to feel. ”
  5. #55
    “That was what Curt had given her, this gift of contentment, of ease. ”
  6. #56
    “She was no longer sure what was new in Lagos and what was new in herself. ”
  7. #57
    “She rested her head against his and felt, for the first time, what she would often feel with him: a self-affection. He made her like herself. With him, she was at ease; her skin felt as though it was her right size.”
  8. #58
    “She had won, indeed, but her triumph was full of air. Her fleeting victory had left in its wake a vast, echoing space, because she had taken on, for too long, a pitch of voice and a way of being that was not hers.”
  9. #59
    “She was inside this silence and she was safe. ”
  10. #60
    “Courage, the universal virtue, is comprehended by us all—but these portraits of courage do not dispel the mysteries of politics.”
  11. #61
    “Compromise need not mean cowardice. Indeed it is frequently the compromisers and conciliators who are faced with the severest tests of political courage as they oppose the extremist views of their constituents.”
  12. #62
    “This is a book about that most admirable of human virtues—courage.”
  13. #63
    “Everyone now knows how to find the meaning of life within himself.
    But mankind wasn’t always so lucky. Less than a century ago men and women did not have easy access to the puzzle boxes within them.
    They could not name even one of the fifty-three portals to the soul.”
  14. #64
    “To the young American, here or elsewhere, the paths to fortune are innumerable and all open; There is invitation in the air and success in all his wide horizon.”

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