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“That’s very far, thought Little Nutbrown Hare. He was almost too sleepy to think anymore.”
“I am the third oldest, and I think it would have been a good idea if I was the youngest, too. I am not quite sure why my mom and dad wanted to have more children after me.”
“The cold chill of fear ran up Miyax’s spine – the wolves would soon depart! Then what would she do? […] Her hands trembled and she pressed them together to make them stop, for Kapugen had taught her that fear can so cripple a person that he cannot think or act. Already she was too scared to crawl.”
“I think I’ll move to Australia.”
“ ‘What’s your name?’ ‘Treehorn,’ said Treehorn. ‘First time I ever heard of a family naming two boys the same name,’ said the bus driver. ‘Guess they couldn’t think of any other name, once they thought of Treehorn.’ Treenhorn said nothing.”
“Drac thinks for a second. Then she shakes the panting Gremlin. ‘We must unite against this awful peril. You will join me and we will save Tirnol Two!’ “
“He could feel the force now very strong, very close, all around, the air was thick with it; outside the church was destruction and chaos, the heart of the Dark, and he could think of nothing that he could do to turn it aside.”
“She saw something big and dark. ‘Giants are big and dark’, she thought. ‘Maybe that is a giant. I think it is a giant. I think that giant wants to get me.’ ”
“Tom was amphibious: and what is better still, he was clean. For the first time in his life, he felt how comfortable it was to have nothing on him but himself. But he only enjoyed it: he did not know it, or think about it; just as you enjoy life and health, and yet never think about being alive and healthy; and may it be long before you have to think about it!”
“Think to yourself that every day is your last.”
“And the little swallow began to think, and then he fell asleep. Thinking always made him sleepy.”
“Spelling is a curious thing... it’s so often different from what you expect it to be. I used to think ‘please’ was spelled p-l-e-e-s, but it isn’t, you know; and you’d think ‘dear’ was spelled d-e-r-e, if you didn’t inquire. Sometimes it almost discourages you.”
“For the first time during many hours—or perhaps days—I thought.”
“When I grow up I’m going to have an airplane. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to fly just anywhere you might think of?”
“Cilla, waiting and waiting for him at North Square—and then he got there only about when it pleased him. He loved Cilla. She and Rab were the best friends he had ever had. Why was he mean to her? He couldn’t think.”
“You wouldn’t think there could be another child as naughty as my naughty little sister, would you? But there was...and this boy’s name was Harry.”
“I don’t think much of a club, so I’ll change my plan, too. I don’t think much of a club, so I’ll make me a sling out of this piece of cloth. I used to be very fond of slinging, ever since I read of David slaying Goliath the Philistine, and I was once thought to be expert at it”

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