Rafael Abalos Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Rafael Abalos
“Perhaps death is nothing but a calm and eternal dream.”
“I hope that this fortune-telling gift the stone seems to have given you is as accurate as your bow’s arrows. If you are wrong, I am afraid a curse will follow us like the Devil’s shadow follows a possessed mortal’s flesh.”
“The fact that it is sometimes difficult for me to believe in God doesn’t mean that I deny his existence. If I stopped believing in him, I wouldn’t be able to continue living.”
“We’d better hide our treasure before we reach the abbey. The abbot is sure to be curious about the contents of the bag and ill probably find his way inside it.”
“How could I doubt such a miracle? Isn’t it a miracle that the sun rises every day in the east and sets in the west? Isn’t there mystery in all of nature’s wonders? In the movements of the moon or the stillness of the stars?”
“That friend of yours is smarter than a cornered fox.”
“The old monk winced in surprise and narrowed his eyes as he looked around at the manuscripts piled on the shelves around him.”
“Grimpow held the stone and felt the mineral’s warmth in spite of the cool mountain air.”
“We live in a disconcerting world. Trying to comprehend what we see around us, we ask ourselves: what is the universe made of? and what is our place in it? where odes the universe come from? and where do we come from?”
“It is said that the current duke had an ancestor so wise that even as a child he could do complex mathematical calculations. prove difficult geometric theorems, and accurately locate the constellations in the sky.”
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