Anne McCaffrey Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Anne McCaffrey
“Drummer, beat, and piper, blow Harper, strike, and soldier, go Free the flame and sear the grasses Til the dawning Red Star passes.”
″‘That was just lovely, Menolly. Oharan? Come over here; Menolly has a new harmony for that one.’ ‘No, no, I couldn’t.’ ‘Why not?’ demanded T’gellan, and poured a bit more wine in her glass. ‘A little music would give us all heart.‘”
“Another rush of wings, and this time bronze dragons entered, depositing the girls who were candidates for the queen egg. Menolly tried to figure out which one is Brekke, but they all looked very aware and healthy. Hadn’t the weyrwomen remarked that morning how Brekke just lay like someone dead?”
“Ah, now that would be greedy of me, wouldn’t it? All things considered, though, I’d be heartily embarrassed if Sebell- my Journeyman is to have possession of the other egg- secured a queen instead.”
“Emotion like a fist squeezed Menolly’s heart. Yes, she’d her fire lizards, but to Impress a dragon...”
“Brekke didn’t want to live, and they have to find some way to make her. Losing her dragon was like losing half herself, and it hadn’t been Brekke’s fault.”
“Her voice was true, her fingers clever on string, stick or pipe, and she knew the Deathsong. For all Yanus could be certain, the aggravating child had been practicing that song ever since old Petiron started burning with his fatal fever.”
“She was so changed in appearance that Mirrim, passing her table just before the evening meal, almost failed to recognize her. Menolly had been worrying that Mirrim was deliberately avoiding her because Menolly had Impressed nine fire lizards, but there was no restraint in Mirrim’s manner.”
“Petiron had been her friend, her ally and mentor. She had sung from the heart as he’d taught her: from the heart and the gut. Had he heard her song where he had gone?”
“The little queen all golden, Flew hissing at the sea. To keep it back, To turn it back She flew forth bravely.”
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