awfulness Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes about awfulness
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
“It felt pretty awful, and yet perhaps this was how it felt to be a backpacker.”
“The universe is a pretty big place. If it’s just us, seems like an awful waste of space.”
“I hate this. Whenever we jail him, I think ‘Please God, keep him there.’ Then he escapes and we all sit round hoping he won’t do anything too awful this time.”
“he rushed out of the church and into the town to put his idea into practice. And what an awful place the town was, much worse than he had imagined. He almost gave up his idea, but then he thought, ‘If it’s always as nasty as this, everybody is bound to agree to my plan’. So he hurried on...”
“Drac thinks for a second. Then she shakes the panting Gremlin. ‘We must unite against this awful peril. You will join me and we will save Tirnol Two!’ “
″ Pauline felt awful standing by herself being stared at by all the people on the stage, and all those she could not see in the stalls. She would have liked to have wriggled, and stood on one leg, but the Academy training had taught her not to stand just how she felt, so she stood as she did before a class, with her toes turned out, her heels together, and her hands clasped behind her back”
“She plucked off a berry. She started to gnaw it. It tasted just awful. Almost made her sick. But she wanted that tail, so she swallowed it quick. Then she felt something happen! She felt a small twitch as if she’d been tapped, down behind, by a switch. And Gertrude looked ‘round. And she cheered! It was true! Two feathers! Exactly like Lolla-Lee-Lou!”
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