mail Quotes

Seven of the best book quotes about mail
“And some fellows in Zummz who I happened to know just happened to capture a thousand or so, and they wrapped up their eggs and they mailed them by air Marked Special Delivery, Handle with Care.”
“Caleb read and read the letter so many times that the ink began to run and the folds tore. He read the book about sea birds over and over. ‘Do you think she’ll come?’ asked Caleb. ‘And will she stay? What if she thinks we are loud and pesky?’ ”
“No one has ever sent me a letter. Every day my mailbox is empty. That is why waiting for the mail is a sad time for me.”
“So Cinders read her little book, The Postman drank champagne Then wobbled off On his round again (and again and again – Oops!)”
“The envelope fit Stanley perfectly, and the next morning his parents slid him into it, along with an egg-salad sandwich, and mailed him from the box on the corner.”
“Betsy Bear wrote a letter to Grandma to wish her a Happy Birthday. She went to the post office to mail it. She bought an airmail stamp and stuck it on the envelope. She put the letter in the letter slot. ”
“Oh my Lord There’s so much to do Tomorrow I think I’ll pour a pitcher of water down the mail chute”
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