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13 of the best book quotes about carefree
“With no men around, everyone was surprisingly lighthearted.”
“I wanted life itself, the color and fire and loveliness of life. And Christ now and then, like a loved poem I could read when I wanted to. I didn’t want us to be swallowed up in God. I wanted holidays from the school of Christ.”
“That costs quite a lot. But I couldn’t care less. Today is your birthday! Today You are You! So what if it costs me a thousand or two.”
“Their Midwest driving skills were no match for a Miami Cuban woman with good medical insurance driving a car she didn’t care about.”
“I have not a care of my own, but I am more restless than if I had.”
“Do not worry, little heart. They are only feelings. So care a little less, the ride will be much more than what it seems.”
“We can’t pray that God make our lives free of problems; this won’t happen, and it is probably just as well. We can’t ask Him to make us and those we love immune to diseases, because He can’t do that.”
″‘What I am wondering,’ said the Doctor, ‘is where we are going to get another boat to go home in...Oh well, perhaps we’ll find one lying about on the beach that nobody is using.‘”
“I was real happy and carefree and young...”
“The concept behind these types of educational projects is to on the one hand install a sense of responsibility into as yet often woefully carefree and naively irresponsible teenagers (how it feels to be totally and wholly on the proverbial hook for something, in this case a flour baby) and on the other hand to make both male and female adolescents think and consider twice with regard to sexuality, with regard to especially unprotected intercourse, as parenthood is shown to be, parenthood means continuous commitment, responsible thinking (or at least, it should).”
“All I had to do was fly over it for it to be mine forever. I can wear it like a giant diamond necklace, or just fly above it and marvel at its sparkling beauty. I can fly-yes, fly. Me, Cassie Louise Lightfoot, only eight years old and in the third grade, and I can fly. That means I am free to go wherever I want for the rest of my life.”
“I’m on deck the dawn we sail into New York. I’m sure I’m in a film, that it will end and lights will come up in the Lyric Cinema... Rich Americans in top hats white ties and tails must be going home to bed with the gorgeous women with white teeth. The rest are going to work in warm comfortable offices and no one has a care in the world.”
″‘Al,’ said the bird, ‘are you working too hard? Still struggling and going nowhere? Hmmm? Listen. Have I got a place for you. No worries, no cares- it’s terrific.‘”
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