concern Quotes

11 of the best book quotes about concern
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    “I suspected that each of my teammates hoped as fervently as I that Hall had been careful to weed out clients of dubious ability, and would have the means to protect each of us from one another’s shortcomings.”
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    “It seems to me now almost incredibly wonderful that, with that swift fate hanging over us, men could go about their petty concerns as they did.”
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    “Suddenly his mother let out a great shuddering sob. ‘O my God. O my God.’ She said it over and over, her head down on her arms. His father moved to put his arm around her awkwardly, but he didn’t take his eyes off Jess.”
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    “She was scraping at the mud on her bare legs. ‘I just wanted to find you, so you wouldn’t be so lonesome.’ She hung her head. ‘But I got too scared.‘”
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    “‘Hello? Aziraphale! For Go—, for Sa—, for somebody’s sake! Aziraphale!‘”
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    “He needs to be sent to Jackson . . . How can anybody live in a house like this.”
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    “Two steps behind her, I say her name.
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    “This is not obsession. It’s respect. I’m living out her last requests.”
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    “I have not a care of my own, but I am more restless than if I had.”
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    ″‘So guess what.’
    ‘What?... I don’t know...’
    ‘I’m pregnant.‘”
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    “And for three months… for three months I tried to convince myself that you were better off without me. I tried to convince myself that everything I’d done had made you hate me.”