Edward Albee Quotes

20 of the best book quotes from Edward Albee
“George: Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf, Virginia Woolf, Virginia Woolf,… Martha:”
“George: national boundaries, the level of the ocean, political allegiances, practical morality…none of these would I stake my stick on anymore.”
“Martha: Truth and illusion, George; you don’t know the difference. George: No, but we must carry on as though we did. Martha: Amen.”
“Honey: Oh, isn’t this lovely. Nick: Yes indeed…very handsome. ”
“George: I read somewhere that science fiction is really not science fiction at all…that you people are rearranging my genes so that everyone will be like everyone else.”
“Nick: UP YOURS! … George: You take the trouble to construct a civilization…to…to build a society, based on the principles of…of principle … then all at once … through all the sensible sounds of men building … comes the Dies Irae. And what is it? What does the trumpet sound? Up yours.”
“George: Godly money ripped from the golden teeth of the unfaithful, a pragmatic extension of the big dream.”
“Honey: (Hysterical) Leave me alone…I’m going…to…be…sick. George: The patterns of history.”
“George: Be careful, Martha…I’ll rip you to pieces. Martha: You aren’t man enough…you haven’t the guts. George: Total war? Martha: Total.”
“George: “And the west, encumbered by crippling alliances, and hardened with a morality too rigid to accommodate itself to the swing of events, must…eventually…fall.”
“Martha: Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf… Honey: Oh, wasn’t that funny? That was so funny.”
“Martha: Our son does not have blue hair…or blue eyes, for that matter. He has green eyes…like me. George: He has blue, eyes Martha.”
“George: We got a telegram; there was a car accident, and he’s dead. POUF! … Martha: (A howl which weakens into a moan) NOOOOOOoooooo.”
“Martha: Can I get you a drink, Martha? Why, thank you, George; that’s very kind of you. No, Martha, no; why I’d do anything for you.”
“Nick: I married her because she was pregnant. … It was a hysterical pregnancy. She blew up, and then she went down.”
“Martha: I swear…if you existed I’d divorce you…I haven’t been able to see you for years…you’re a blank, a cipher.”
“Nick: I wouldn’t say there was any…particular passion between us, even at the beginning…of our marriage, I mean.”
“George: there are easier things than being married to the daughter of the president of that university. Martha: … for some men it would be the chance of a life time.”
“George (Long silence) : It will be better. Martha (Long silence): I don’t…know. George: It will be…maybe. […] Martha: Just…us? ”
“George: the one thing in this whole sinking world that I am sure of is my … chromosomological partnership in the…creation of our…blond-eyed, blue-haired…son.”
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