Man in the Iron Mask Quotes

23 of the best book quotes from Man in the Iron Mask
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    Man upon this earth must expect everything, and ought to face everything.
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    There are misfortunes in life that no one will accept; people would rather believe in the supernatural and the impossible.
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    I am strong against everything, except against the death of those I love. He who dies gains; he who sees others die loses.
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    That which is actually good never alters.
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    I have always heard it said that money is the rarest service, but the easiest to render. The remark struck me; I like to cite remarks that strike me.
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    What the deuce does the fellow mean by getting trap-doors made without first consulting you? Trap-doors!
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    In presence of this ingenuous greatness of soul, Aramis felt himself little. It was the second time he had been compelled to bend before real superiority of heart, much more powerful than splendour of mind.
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    There are cancers so insidious in their nature that their very pulsation is invisible. Such cancers leave the ivory whiteness of the skin untouched, and marble not the firm, fair flesh, with their blue tints; the physician who bends over the patient’s chest hears not, through he listens, the insatiable teeth of the disease grinding its onward progress through the muscles, as the blood flows freely on; the knife has never been able to destroy, and rarely even, temporarily, to discern the rage of these mortal scourges; their home is in the mind, which they corrupt; they fill the whole heart until it breaks. Such, madame, are the cancers, fatal to queens; are you, too, free from their scourge?
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    We shine like those fires and those stars; we sigh like those waves; we suffer like those great ships, which are worn out in ploughing the waves, in obeying the wind which urges them towards an end, as the breath of God blows us towards a port. Everything likes to live, Raoul; and everything is beautiful in living things.
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    The feet of Raoul were over the edge of the cliff, bathed in that void which is peopled by vertigo, and provokes to self-annihilation.
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    Pain, anguish and suffering in human life are always in proportion to the strength with which a man is endowed.
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    D’Artagnan had time to reflect that women - those gentle doves - treat one another more cruelly than bears and tigers.
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    A man is held to be criminal,sometimes, by the great ones of the earth,not because he has committed a crime himself but because he knows of one which has been committed.
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    Joyful friends, mostly loyal, they hadn’t abandoned their protector before the gathering storm; and despite the threatening sky, despite the shuddering earth, they remained, smiling, considerate, and as devoted to misfortune as they had been to prosperity.

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  1. #15
    Forward! Still forward! When it shall be time, God will tell me, as he has told the others.
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    We are often criminals in the eyes of the earth, not only for having committed crimes, but because we know that crimes have been committed.
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    We are often criminals in the eyes of the earth, not only for having committed crimes, but because we know that crimes have been committed.
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    No. I will remain because I have been accustomed for thirty years to go and take the orderly word of the King, and to have it said to me, ‘Good evening, d’Artagnan,’ with a smile I did not beg for!
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    But you are quite of opinion, are you not, that Heaven will avenge me, d’Artagnan?
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    The weak suffer more, where the trial is the same, than the strong. And, what are the elementary principles, we may ask, which compose human strength? Is it not - more than anything else - exercise, habit, experience?
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    Does the open wound in another’s breast soften the pain of the gaping wound in our own?
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    Does the general anguish of our fellow creatures lessen our own private and particular anguish?
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    The voice of human nature is nothing but one prolonged cry.
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