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    “The moment you start thinking someone else’s gain is your loss, you limit yourself by thinking in terms of competition and shortages.”
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    “Yes, well, in that respect and many others, American high schools do rather resemble prisons.”
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    “We’re all puppets, Laurie. I’m just a puppet who can see the strings.”
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    “The worst things: To be in bed and sleep not, To want for one who comes not, To try to please and please not.”
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    “Most people seemed to have a hard outer shell that protected them from mean people, insults, bad memories.”
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    “When negative feelings are suppressed positive feelings become suppressed as well, and love dies.”
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    “Negative thoughts come to us all. But when you speak them out loud, you give them life. That’s when they become a reality.”
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    “When negative thoughts come, the key is to never verbalize them.”
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    “God is saying to you what He said to Sarai, ‘I want you to change your name to Princess’ - not literally, but in your attitude. You have to shake off the negative things people have said about you. Shake off the low self-esteem and the inferiority and start carrying yourself like a princess. Start walking like a princess. Start talking like a princess. Start thinking like a princess. Start waving like a princess!”
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    “When the negative thoughts come, let them die stillborn. Refuse to prophesy defeat over your life.”
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    “Please guide all beings from this swamp of cyclic existence!”
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    “As another has well said, to handicap a student by teaching him that his black face is a curse and that his struggle to change his condition is hopeless is the worst sort of lynching.”
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    “You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.”
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    ″...dead is better.”
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    “I’m talking about the nasty dialogue that goes like this: ‘Who the hell do you think you are, trying to be creative? You suck, you’re stupid, you have no talent, and you serve no purpose. Get back in your hole.’
    To which you may have spent a lifetime obediently responding, ‘You’re right. I do suck and I am stupid. Thank you. I’ll go back in my hole now.’
    I would like to see you engaged in a more generative and interesting conversation with yourself than that. For heaven’s sake, at least defend yourself!”
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    “Trying to find a decent guy in Ruxton is like trying to find a virgin in a whorehouse.”
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    “My karma was to be born in America where nobody has any fun or believes in anything, especially wisdom.”
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    “It all ends in tears anyway.”
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    Sutra II.33: Vitarka badhane 
pratipaksha bhavanam
    Translation: When disturbed by negative thoughts, opposite ones should be thought of.

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