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12 of the best book quotes about performance
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    “The performance is where the magician’s lifetime of practice, and his innate skill as a performer, co-join to produce the magical display.”
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    “It is not the content of a company’s values that correlates with performance, but the strength of conviction with which it holds those values, whatever they might be. ”
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    “Because the lower performers are not willing to step up and take responsibility to increase their production, they can only seek to tear down those who are performing at higher levels.”
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    “A big part of the tutor’s job was to steer the players away from the professors and courses most likely to lead to lack of performance. The majority of the football team wound up majoring in ‘Criminal Justice.’ What Criminal Justice had going for it was that it didn’t require any math or language skills. Criminal Justice classes were also almost always filled with other football players.”
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    “When the reason is big enough, you will be willing to perform almost any how.”
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    “When we recognize it is impossible for us to perform a duty in our own strength, we will discover the secret of its accomplishment.”
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    “Forgive me, all of you,” the starvation artist whispered.
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    “For he alone, and no other initiate, knew how easy it was to starve. It was the easiest thing in the world. He did not keep this fact a secret, but no one believed him.”
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    “When setting expectations, no matter what has been said or written, if substandard performance is accepted and no one is held accountable—if there are no consequences—that poor performance becomes the new standard.”
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    “Leaders should never be satisfied. They must always strive to improve, and they must build that mind-set into the team. They must face the facts through a realistic, brutally honest assessment of themselves and their team’s performance.”
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    “It doesn’t matter what you do, only how well you do it.”
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    “God never performs His greatest feats in your yesterdays.”
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