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10 of the best book quotes about social
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    “He is social, but not in large groups. ‘I don’t go readily to cocktail parties, where people just come together and talk. I don’t tend to like that kind of thing. I’d rather sit down with somebody and find a mutual topic of interest, and explore it in depth with that person, or maybe two or three people. Not a conversation that says how do you feel.‘”
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    “The most exhausting thing in life, I have discovered, is being insincere. That is why so much of social life is exhausting; one is wearing a mask. I have shed my mask.”
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    “Ivan Ilych was...a capable, cheerful, good-natured, and sociable man, though strict in the fulfillment of what he considered to be his duty: and he considered his duty to be what was so considered by those in authority.”
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    “The pleasures connected with his work were pleasures of ambition; his social pleasures were those of vanity; but Ivan Ilych’s greatest pleasure was playing bridge.”
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    ″ In a culture of domination everyone is socialized to see violence as an acceptable means of social control. ”
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    “I wasn’t popular but I wasn’t an outcast. I was everywhere with everybody, and at the same time I was all by myself.”
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    “The Big Five Inventory:
    Extraversion. Are you sociable or retiring? Fun-loving or reserved?
    Agreeableness. Are you trusting or suspicious? Helpful or uncooperative?
    Conscientiousness. Are you organized or disorganized? Self-disciplined or weak-willed?
    Emotional stability. Are you worried or calm? Insecure or secure?
    Openness to new experiences. Are you imaginative or down to earth? Independent or conforming?”
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    “It was about the least fun social situation imaginable. If terrorists had burst into the room and tried to suffocate us in hummus, it would have been an improvement.”
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    “One thing I’ve learned about people is that the easiest way to get them to like you is to shut up and let them do the talking.”
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    “It isn’t the American white man who is a racist, but it’s the American political, economic and social atmosphere that automatically nourishes a racist psychology in the white man.”