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13 of the best book quotes about secrecy
“Silence creates its own violence.”
“It is the Ring Dance. It is said the crawlers perform it only in the greatest secrecy for ones they believe to be chosen.′ [...] ‘Chosen to give them time,’ said Vikus, as if that explained it all. Gregor translated that in his head to mean’chosen to give them life.‘”
“He was so pleased that he was not going to let anybody share a grain of his pleasure. His father had praised him. They must think that he was perfectly indifferent.”
“It feels strange not to talk to my mom about something, someone, who’s becoming so important to me. My mom and I are drifting apart, but not because we’re spending less time together. And not because Olly’s replacing her. We’re drifting apart because for the first time in my life, I have a secret to keep.”
“Since we weren’t married, we couldn’t kiss each other in public, or even give one another a friendly hug to express our extreme joy. We risked imprisonment and being whipped.”
“But silence, do you hear me? Silence upon the whole subject; and let no one get before us in this design of discovering the center of the earth.”
“I understand that secrecy is part of, well, an aberrant behavior system. It comes from a bad place, not a place of light and generosity. And when you deprive your friends . . . of experiences like I had, you’re basically stealing from them. You’re depriving them of something they have a right to.”
“Whispering makes a narrow place narrower.”
″‘Can’t I see them?’ begged Mr. Alden. ‘I won’t tell them who I am.‘”
“Then a man asked, ‘What is your name, boy?’ Henry did not know what to say. He did not want to tell his name. So he answered, ‘Henry James.’ Now this was Henry’s name, but it was not all of his name.”
“We’d better hide our treasure before we reach the abbey. The abbot is sure to be curious about the contents of the bag and ill probably find his way inside it.”
“He’s a man of few words, and he doesn’t know what either of them means,” people said, but not when he was within hearing.”
“His arms become a set of parentheses bracketing the sweetest secret phrase.”
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