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Eight of the best book quotes about training
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    “By training you will be able to freely control your own body, conquer men with your body, and with sufficient training you will be able to beat men in fights, be able to win with your eye, and beat ten men with your spirit. When you have reached this point, will it not mean you are invincible?”
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    “It is now during the first ten days of the tenth month in the twentieth year of Kanei (1645). I am sixty years old and I have been training many years in the Way of strategy called Ni Ten Ichi Try. I will now explain it in writing for the first time.”
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    “They were an all-star football team that had endured bruising, exhausting, dangerous practice sessions twelve hours a day, seven days a week—for years—without ever getting to play a game.”
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    “He was a silent fury who no torment could tame.”
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    “The Great Birthday Bird! [...] This bird has a brain. He’s most beautifully brained with the brainiest bird-brain that’s ever been trained.”
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    “No man sees all ... but ... you’ll see more ... than some men see in a lifetime. ”
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    “Habit will be your champion. When you train the mind to think one way and one way only, when you refuse to allow it to think in another, that will produce great strength in battle.”
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    “Leadership is for those who love the public good and are endowed and trained to administer it.”