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20 of the best book quotes from Nikita Gill
“Girls like her were born in a storm. They have lightning in their souls. Thunder in their hearts. And chaos in their bones.”
“We have calcium in our bones, iron in our veins, carbon in our souls, and nitrogen in our brains. 93 percent stardust, with souls made of flames, we are all just stars that have people names.”
“She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half goddess, half hell.”
“Some girls are full of heartache and poetry and those are the kind of girls who try to save wolves instead of running away from them.”
“You are damaged and broken and unhinged. But so are shooting stars and comets.”
“Only the brave and the broken are kind in this world.”
“Your mind will keep you up at night, make you cry, destroy you over and over again. You need to convince your mind that it has to let go…because your heart already knows how to heal.”
“Some people are born with tornadoes in their lives, but constellations in their eyes. Other people are born with stars at their feet, but their souls are lost at sea.”
“I hope you find someone who knows how to love you when you are sad.”
“Your heart will fix itself. It’s your mind you need to worry about. Your mind where you locked the memories, your mind where you have kept pieces of the ones that hurt you, that still cut through you like shards of glass. ”
“Always be honest about the way someone makes you feel about yourself.”
“You fell in love with a storm. Did you really think you would get out unscathed?”
“Some people will always taste like fire and leave the ones that love them tasting like ash.”
“A mess of beautiful contradictions make her whole, she wears fire for skin but a storm lives in her soul.”
“Some people are going to love you like you are a pond, and others are going to love you like you are a river, but you are an ocean, and you should never settle for anyone who loves you for anything less than that.”
“You are a dangerous collection of all my favorite things. An old soul, a heart of gold and hands that make my body sing.”
“Fall in love with someone who tastes like adventure but looks like the calm, beautiful morning after a terrible storm”
“Those freckles make you seem like a galaxy of stars, just waiting to be explored and loved.”
“You must understand: they fear you. There is nothing scarier in their minds than a girl who knows the power of her flames.”
“It is eerily terrifying that there is no sound when a heart breaks. Car accidents end with a bang, falling ends with a thud, even writing makes the scratching sound of pencil against paper. But the sound of a heart breaking is completely silent.”

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