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“The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13¾ is the first book in the Adrian Mole series of comedic fiction.The book is written in a diary style, and focuses on the worries and regrets of a teenager who believes himself to be an intellectual.”
“In the life of Adrian Mole as he navigates his early teenage years and documents the journey in his diary. Who is it aimed at? The book is best suited at those aged around twelve or older.”
“My father got the dog drunk on cherry brand at the party last night. If the RSPCA hear about it he could get done. Eight days have gone by since Christmas Day but my mother still hasn’t worn the green lurex apron I bought her for Christmas! She will get bath-cubes next year. ”
“I felt rotten today. It’s my mother’s fault for singing “My Way” at two o’clock in the morning at the top of the stairs. Just my luck to have a mother like her. There is a chance my parents could be alcoholics. Next year I could be in a children’s home.”
“I shall go mad through lack of sleep! My father has banned the dog from the house so it barked outside my window all night. Just my luck! My father shouted a swear-word at it. If he’s not careful he will get done by the police for obscene language.”
″ I have been up and down the stairs all day. I cooked a big dinner for them tonight: two poached eggs with beans, and tinned semolina pudding. (t is a good job I wore the green lurex apron because the poached eggs escaped out of the pan and got all over me.)”
“My grandma came and was disgusted with the state of the house. I showed her my room which is always neat and tidy and she gave me fifty pence. I showed her all the empty drink bottles in the dustbin and she was disgusted.”
″ Pandora is beautiful (Adrian especially loves her ‘treacle-coloured’ hair) and intelligent, and in the first books, she and Adrian Mole are happy together.”
“Wednesday, January 28th. Last Quarter. I woke up with a bit of a cold this morning. I asked my mother for a note to excuse me from games. She said she refused to namby-pamby me a day longer! How would she like to run about on a muddy field in the freezing drizzle, dressed only in PE shorts and a singlet?”
“Friday January 23rd. That is the last time I go to a disco. Everybody there was a punk except me and Rick Lemon, the youth leader. Nigel was showing off all night. He ended up putting a safety pin through his ear. My father had to take him to the hospital in our car. Nigel’s parents haven’t got a car because his father’s got a steel plate in his head and his mother is only four feet eleven inches tall.”
“Thursday February 12th. Lincoln’s birthday. I found my mother dyeing her hair in the bathroom tonight. This has come as complete shock to me. For thirteen and three-quarter years I have thought I had a mother with red hair, now I found out that it is really light brown. My mother asked me no to tell my father. What a state their marriage must be in!”
“Sunday, February 1st. Fourth after Epiphany. There was a lot of shouting downstairs late last night. The kitchen waste-bin was knocked over and the back door kept being slammed. I wish my parents would be a bit more thoughtful, I have been though an emotional time and I need my sleep.”
“Had a good look at my face in the bathroom mirror today. I have got five spots as well as one on my chin. I have got a few hairs on my lip. It looks as if I shall have to start shaving soon.”

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