Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Quotes

21 of the best book quotes from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
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    “You look so cool, so cool, so enviably cool.”
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    “You told me! I told you!”
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    ″ The human animal is a beast that dies but the fact that he’s dying don’t give him pity for others. ”
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    “She had a naked child with her, a little naked girl, barely able to toddle, and after a while she set this child on the ground and give her a push and whispered something to her. This child come toward me, barely able t’walk, come toddling up to me and—Jesus, it makes you sick t’remember a thing like this! It stuck out its hand and tried to unbutton my trousers!”
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    “You been passing the buck. This disgust with mendacity is disgust with yourself. You!—you dug the grave of your friend and kicked him in it!—before you’d face the truth with him!”
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    “When we talk ... nothing is said. ... Communication is awful hard between people. ”
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    “Yep, they’re no-neck monsters, all no-neck people are monsters”
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    “One man has one great good true thing in his life ... you are naming it dirty! ”
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    “You two had something that had to be kept on ice, yes, incorruptible, yes!”
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    “And so tonight we’re going to make the lie true. ”
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    “I think the reason he buys everything he can buy is that in the back of his mind he has the crazy hopes that one of his purchases will be life everlasting!—Which it never can be.”
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    ″ It was too rare to be normal, any true thing between two people is too rare. ”
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    “Maybe it’s being alive that makes them lie, and being almost not alive makes me sort of accidentally truthful”
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    ″ Nobody says, ‘You’re dying.’ You have to fool them. They have to fool themselves. ”

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  1. #15
    “Why can’t exceptional friendship ... between two men be respected as ... clean and decent. ”
  2. #16
    “I—want to—knowwwww! ... Somebody must be lyin’! I want to know!”
  3. #17
    “Born poor, raised poor, expect to die poor unless I manage to get us something out of what Big Daddy leaves when he dies of cancer!”
  4. #18
    “A drinking man’s someone who wants to forget he isn’t still young an’ believing.”
  5. #19
    “Brick, I used to think that you were stronger than me and I didn’t want to be overpowered by you. But now, since you’ve taken to liquor—you know what? –I guess it’s bad, but now I’m stronger than you and I can love you more truly!”
  6. #20
    “Aw, Brick, you—BREAK MY HEART! ”
  7. #21
    “And I did, I did so much, I did love you!—I even loved your hate and your hardness, Big Daddy!”
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