ruin Quotes

10 of the best book quotes about ruin
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    “The war has ruined us for everything.”
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    “Forget? I think I never will. Nor will the others assembled here now. How can we ever forget how the community was torn asunder, how smashed and ruined houses of some accused were left to the wind and the wolves? How businesses went bad because outsiders refused to have dealings with those in Salem for years afterward?”
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    “Thank God I am not married: what would she have done in the poverty now coming upon me!”
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    “He believed with complete conviction that no animal was permanently ruined. Every horse could be improved. He lived by a single maxim: ‘Learn your horse. Each one is an individual, and once you penetrate his mind and heart, you can often work wonders with an otherwise intractable beast.‘”
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    “What evils are not wrought by Anarchy! She ruins States, and overthrows the home, She dissipates and routs the embattled host; While discipline preserves the ordered ranks.”
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    “Ruin’d love, when it is built anew,
    Grows fairer than at first, more strong, far greater.”
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    “Here ends the SILMARILLION. If it has passed from the high and the beautiful to darkness and ruin, that was of old the fate of Arda Marred; and if any change shall come and the Marring be amended, Manwë and Varda may know; but they have not revealed it, and it is not declared in the dooms of Mandos.”
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    “Asagai: Then isn’t there something wrong in a house—in a world—where all dreams, good or bad, must depend on the death of a man?
    Asagai: I LIVE THE ANSWER!”
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    “I acknowledge, also, the new form of government may effectually prevent it. Yet there is another thing it will as effectually do- -it will oppress and ruin the people. Patrick Henry”
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    “Political genius lies in extracting success even from the people’s ruin.”