Gregory Maguire Quotes

20 of the best book quotes from Gregory Maguire
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    “She’s green, you mean. It’s a she, for heaven’s sake. ”
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    “Though Oz had given her a twisted life, hadn’t it also made her capable?”
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    “I have fought fire with fire ... and I ought to have done it sooner! ”
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    “He doesn’t know what the truth means, so he does not even know how he lies. ”
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    “How could we tell if we were the pawns of someone’s darker game? ”
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    “When goodness removes itself, the space it occupies corrodes and becomes evil. ”
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    “It’s people who claim that they’re good ... that you have to be wary of. ”
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    “Women are weaker, but their weakness is full of cunning and an equally rigid moral certainty. ”
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    “Nothing is written in the stars ... No one controls your destiny.”

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    “Well, the family always was bright, and brightness, as you know, decays brilliantly. Madness is the most shining way. ”
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    “She sat down, wary, tired, astonished at the wealth of her own feeling for. She was full of need. But, she reminded herself, you’re a grown woman.”
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    “The Witch was so stunned that she nearly lost her grip on the branch. The last thing she ever cared for was gossip. Yet she had been out of touch for so long that she was astonished at the vigorous opinions of these random nobodies.”
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    “I spent a year following every useless clue. You know this. Don’t torture me with the memory of my failure. ”
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    “I would say to you: Would you ever forgive me for that accident, for the death of your sister; would you ever forgive me, for I could never forgive myself!”
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    “Well, I won’t be lectured to by you about my everlasting duties to Nessie. I gave her my childhood. ... She’s made her life the way she wants it, and she still has choice and free will even now.”
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    “Yet how much really could you owe other people? Was it endless? ”
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    “But surely the curse was on the land of Oz, not on her.”

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