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17 of the best book quotes about tough
“i am water soft enough to offer life tough enough to drown it away”
“‘But the you who you are tonight is the same you I was in love with yesterday, the same you I’ll be in love with tomorrow. I love that you’re fragile and tough, quiet and kick-ass. Hell, you’re one of the punkest girls I know, no matter who you listen to or what you wear.’”
“‘That was a tough year. I wasn’t liked at all,’ he later said. ‘I demanded they do better, so I made a lot of enemies.’”
“I need you to hold on to everything you know of who God is, because I have some really tough news to tell you.”
“Suwarrow, who had small regard for tears, And not much sympathy for blood ”
“The softest hearts always have the toughest shields.”
″‘If you try to make me,’ he said, ‘I’ll just start running.‘”
Funny, tough-minded and tender, this is the story of Matilda and her two sisters growing up in Sydney, Australia, in the early 1950s. Their father is mentally unstable and largely absent, their mother is possibly in the thrall of his brother, and a headline-making Russian spy defection is taking place next door.
“He had changed, and he was tough. I’m tough where it counts—tough in the head.”
″ When suddenly out of the shadows they saw Scarface Claw the toughest Tom in town.”
“Of course there were many children in this class that were untidy and whom I did not like. Some were tough. So tough that I was afraid of them. But at least they did not have to sit right across the aisle from me. Nor did they try to be friendly as Edith did - whenever she happened to come to school.”
“Be tough … life is. In other words, there is no promise of a rose garden.”
“I thought I was bigger. Tough. But I’m just a bit of nothing.”
“When I left I promised I’d try to help him someday, although I couln’t see how. The rope around his neck is about the biggest, toughest rope you can imagine, with so many knots it would take days to untie them all.”
“She might be just a plain little girl, but she certainly wasn’t a sissy.”
“He had the dearest little red float. His rod was tough stalk of grass, his line was a fine long white horse-hair, and he tied a little wriggling worm at the end.”
“Life is tough. You need to be tougher or it will turn you inside out.”
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